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Write On Handheld

Functionality and Ease of Use
The Write-On Handheld is a POS solution that integrates with Restaurant Manager that operates on handheld devices, including Apple’s iPod touch. The Write-On app will integrate seamlessly with the Restaurant Manager POS to allow servers the ability to take and enter orders and/or process payments right at tableside. If servers are not comfortable with entering orders using the normal order acceptance part of the app, they are able to use a stylus and choose to write-on the handheld, similar to a pen and pad.

Maximizing Profits
Restaurant Manager’s Write-On Handheld has proven to enhance customer service, increase check averages while turning tables quicker. Most restaurants experience a revenue increase of 4% to 11% within a month of installing the Write-On Handheld system.

How Write-On Handheld Assists
Servers are able to send the appetizer and drink orders to the prep printers before they finish taking the order. Faster service increases the chances for drink re-orders or dessert orders. Servers have access to 86-ed items and other kitchen messages on their handheld, correcting problems before they happen. With few opportunities to miss sales, servers will have their own handheld POS which reduce lines at normal POS stations. Servers spend more time near their customers.

More Up-Selling by servers as prompts and forced modifiers help servers suggest menu items that increase the customer’s check. Tables will turn faster with increased efficiency of drink and food delivery, decreasing the amount of time customers stay at a table. Fewer POS stations provide more room for extra tables, reducing wait times as well.

Less Fraud and Waste as managers will receive alerts and be required to give permissions on the Write-On- Handheld anytime they are needed to authorize a password required operation. Managers will receive automatic “Fraud Alerts” when pre-defined conditions are met, such as excessive voids, check reprints or item deletions.
Fewer Errors and Comps by servers as prompts and forced modifiers make sure that servers always ask about cooking instructions and side dishes. Servers will be unable to order items that have been 86-ed and items will never be left off the check

Decrease Labor Costs as less servers are needed per shift. Servers are able to be assigned to more tables without any loss of service quality since the Write-On slashes from 2 to 10 minutes off the time it takes to input an order in the POS system.

Less Training Time as servers will have easy access to the entire menu, including all daily specials, and do not need to memorize the menu. Since the Write-On follows the user interface of Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch, most servers are able to operate the Write-on with very little training. Lower Server Attrition with decreases in labor and training costs to the restaurant while tip earnings for the servers increases, creating a more satisfied workforce. Save Electricity with less equipment. A restaurant with five fixed POS stations is able to be minimized to two stations and eight to ten handhelds, saving 10Kw hours of energy savings per day.

A Valuable Tool for Managers
Managers will be able to use the Write-On to authorize password protected operations such as voids or comps, receive automated alerts (such as when staff nears overtime or labor cost exceeds 40% of sales) and to review real-time reports. The Write-on is one of several mobility solutions able to be fully integrated with the Restaurant Manager POS System.