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US Foods Customers

POS Barn Solutions Recommended for ALL US Foods Members

After a full assessment of the major POS products on the market today, US Foods is recommending Restaurant Manager and Write-On Handheld as the ideal POS solutions for the independent restaurants and regional chains that comprise their membership. Both products have been fully integrated with US Food’s Profit Builder software and are available to US Foods members at a special “Members Only” discount.

Special Offer for Members of the US Foods Resource Advantage Program
– A FREE custom interface between Restaurant Manager and US Food’s Profit Builder application that makes menu engineering a snap.

– FREE enrollment in the powerful Restaurant Manager service that delivers real-time sales and labor reports to an iPhone or other smart phone.

– Members Only 15% software discount on the retail cost of any Restaurant Manager or Write-On Handheld POS System.

Interface to Menu Profit Builder Pro
The Restaurant Manager POS System includes a custom interface to US Foods proprietary food costing software, Menu Profit Builder Pro. No manual data entry required, the system will automatically report:

    – Food costs on all recipes and menu items

    – Profit margins on all menu items

    – Menu engineering suggestions that allow you to promote the items that make money and cut (or recalculate) those that eat your profit

Touch Screen POS
Restaurant Manager is a total POS solution designed to solve the real business problems hospitality professionals face every day. Restaurant Manager can be easily tailored for any sort of food service establishment including:

    – Table Service

    – Quick Service

    – Bars and Nightclubs

Mobile Management
The Restaurant Manager Monitor app allows you to manage from anywhere with real time access to key business data from your smart phone.

    – One year FREE enrollment in the powerful Restaurant Manager Monitor service

    – Reduce loss and waste with real time alerts on voids, deletions, and no-sales

    – Cut payroll costs with mobile overtime alerts and cost of labor reports

    – Increase revenue and customer service with alerts for high spending tables

Mobilize your wait staff with the Write-On handheld tableside ordering and payment solution for the iPod touch.

    – Increase revenue with faster ordering processing

    – Reduce loss from errors with forced modifiers at tableside

    – Protect your customers’ security with pay-at-the-table solutions

Generous Discounts For US Foods Customers
US Foods customers enrolled in the Resource Advantage program:

    – A FREE report export from Restaurant Manager to US Foods Profit Builder Pro application that makes menu engineering a snap

    – Members only discount on the retail cost of any new Restaurant Manager or Write-On Handheld POS System

    – Personalized pre-installation service from your local Restaurant Manager dealer.