POS Barn


Restaurant Manager software will connect the interface with several hardware components including:

– Barcode scanners both mounted and handheld to read barcode data.

– Kitchen display terminal units to allow for your kitchen staff to be connected with servers and managers.

– Liquor Control/Video Tracking Monitors give managers the peace of mind that every alcohol transaction is paid through the POS system.

– Cash drawers are available and will be connected to the correct POS station(s).

– Magnetic strip card readers will be utilized for charging credit/debit cards and gift cards.

– Coin dispensers are an optional component for cash registers to free the cashier from handling change while decreasing errors and service time.

– Order confirmation displays.

– Caller ID devices are available for carryout and pizza delivery establishments to automatically log and confirm customer orders.

– Printers are a required part of any POS system in order to provide receipts.

– Customer displays give the customer a view of the items they are purchasing to verify the order and reduce errors.

– Weighing scales for produce, meats and seafood are able to be integrated with the Restaurant Manager POS system and the price is automatically registered based on weight.

– Debit Cards/Readers are used for gift cards and are usually used for small transactions.