POS Barn


POS Barn provides a complete salon POS solution. Salon owners will be able to manage not only all services offered by the salon but also all retail products, loyalty cards and discounts, easily. POS Barn’s salon POS systems are configured for the individual salon with all products and services being offered. After integration and installation, merchants will be able to quickly add/edit products and services. Touch screen point of sale is easy to learn requiring minimal training and is used by thousands of salons.

The salon POS system will allow employees to check customers in and take customers into service. Allow your employees to check and edit customer appointments. Each customer will have their own profile with their history and any notes. Employees will be able to add or edit notes associated with the customer in helping to improve customer service. When checking out customers, products and additional services are easily added to the ticket. Hand held devices are able to be used by receptionists and stylists.

Growing your salon business has never been easier with POS Barn. You will increase customer trials of products and services and decrease operational costs. Salons experience increased customer loyalty and referrals as well as increased customer spending. Your customers will not only return but will return more frequently.