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Retail POS Systems

A retail POS system is almost a requirement today for any inventory, product based business. The more products your business sells the more essential it is. Merchandise is easily scanned as it enters your business and it is tracked and inventoried until it is sold and recorded. The inventory system makes re-ordering easy as can be. Managers know exactly how long each product sits on their shelf for as well as what their fastest and slowest selling items are. This helps the merchant decide how and when to purchase their inventory.

A retail POS system is able to keep tabs on all employees as well. Employees must logon to their POS station before performing transactions. Managers are able to keep track of what employees sell and along with a CCTV system, theft will be eliminated. A retail POS system will assist companies with marketing, specials and employee scheduling just to name a few. The retail POS system will keep track of all items being sold and at what times.

Managers will be able to schedule more people during busier times and less during slower times. Merchandise that is not moving or getting old is acknowledged and possibly put on sale or clearance. Items that sell out fast will be marked as items that need to be reordered in larger quantities.

Managers are also able to target any problems they see before they become major, such as inventory missing, inventory going bad, inventory selling out or inventory not selling. These issues have to be discovered or corrected right away. Having the ability at any business to pin point the buying habits of their customers is key to the business’ success. A retail POS system will help ensure your company will increase profitability and efficiency.

NCR Silver iPad Point of Sale for Smaller, Delivery or Mobile Businesses
NCR Silver is a complete POS solution that runs on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Accept cash and credit cards while tracking your sales by category or item. Keep track of your customers and their information including email addresses to send them relevant marketing messages. You are now able to sell, accept payments and receive reports anywhere and at anytime.

NCR Counterpoint Point of Sale
NCR Counterpoint POS provides a unique solution for retail and wholesale businesses. Counterpoint’s in-depth POS allows merchants to take their business to the next level by operating and growing more efficiently. Integrated ecommerce will allow merchants to expand and easily sell their products over the internet.