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Managing Reservations
The Restaurant Manager Reservation module will reduce reservation booking errors. Management will always have a clear picture of reservations against the availability and the system will notify you of differences between reservations and capacity when seating.

Managing Your Waiting List
The module will assist your establishment by accurately projecting wait times for your customers and helping to better organize your total seat management while reducing wait time. A group waiting for a four-top in the dining room with a forty five minute wait time may be happy to take a four-top in the bar area that is becoming available shortly. The Reservation module will help your restaurant seat more people, increase customer returns and sales.

Complete Table Management
All Restaurant Manager systems include a basic table management screen which is able to have its effectiveness increased when the restaurant uses the Reservations module to create a complete managing solution for waiting lists and reservations. The Reservations module features an easy to use interface to allow for quick navigation between reservation times, dates, guest counts and seat bookings. Tables can be reserved in certain sections and seating capacity can be predefined.

When your hostess executes the “compute” function the window will display the time each table is expected to become available and the first customer on the waiting list who matches the seat count for the table.