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Restaurant POS Systems

Restaurants are able to profit greatly from using a restaurant POS system. These systems are able to assist with all aspects of the restaurant’s business. Restaurant owners are able to customize the system to specifically fit their restaurant’s individual requirements. The restaurant POS system provider will go over the needs of the restaurant in order to ensure the system is correctly setup.

A restaurant POS system will perform a number of tasks for the company. They will be able to accept table reservations, collect food and drink orders, route to the correct area of the restaurant while also keeping track of the customer’s tab. All restaurant POS system stations and printers are connected to guarantee the customer’s order is correctly completed. Other services and features are easily added including; pay at the table, food delivery, inventory, bar tabs, take out, employee time cards and transaction processing while also allowing the manager to have access to hundreds of reports both onsite and offsite.

A restaurant POS system is a great addition to any restaurant that is trying to increase their profits by maximizing table turn over as well as minimizing employee mistakes for example; not keeping track of order up sells. A restaurant POS system is a very easy piece of equipment to learn. The touch screen stations are setup to the liking of the merchant and they are waterproof allowing them to be used for years without any type of issues.

A restaurant POS system is able to be purchased and paid for at once or paid monthly in a lease to own type financing situation. It is not uncommon for a restaurant to increase their profits by 12% once they have installed a restaurant POS system. Most restaurants are able to pay for the system with the savings over the first few months.

POS Barn’s Restaurant Manager software is designed with every restaurant owner in mind. Systems are able to perform all of your business’ functions quickly and easily. The POS will allow for easy order entry, inventory stock tracking, labor management, customer loyalty, supply ordering (directly from your food supplier) and more.
The key with any restaurant POS system is to make sure the system is totally customized for the individual restaurant. Most POS providers will want to sell the merchant a one size fits all restaurant POS system however a system designed for a table service only restaurant will not fully assist your table service, carry-out and delivery restaurant.

Several POS systems on the market today give the restaurant merchant choices when they are making their decision however ongoing support is never clearly defined. POS Barn will custom design your system per your business requirements and POS technicians will be present during the installation of your system. All software updates will be done by POS Barn offsite and all hardware repairs will be done onsite with a local contractor.

Bar POS Systems
POS Barn’s Restaurant Manager will allow your bartenders to accurately account for all drinks easily and quickly. Bartenders will be able to add new drinks to the menu from any POS station when they are using the correct password. Inventory is being accounted for all orders while the manager is monitoring sales and expenses from the back office.

Nightclub POS Systems
POS Barn’s nightclub software from Restaurant Manager will ensure that your customers receive fast service by minimizing the time a bartender must spend opening, accounting and closing customer’s tabs. Large nightclubs will benefit by utilizing the Video Tracking system that will guarantee accuracy by monitoring POS stations to prevent theft and waste.

Quick Service Fast Food
Fast food restaurants require a POS system that will operate as fast as they do. POS Barn’s Restaurant Manager software for Quick Service offers employees an easy to use POS solution to minimize training while being able to account; drive thru customers, dining room customers, carry-out customers and incoming deliveries through the back room all at the same time.

Delivery POS Systems
Delivery and carry-out businesses need a proven solution in order to guarantee that orders are processed and delivered on time. No matter if the employees are answering phones and entering orders, preparing food or expediting delivery, the Quick Service POS system will prompt them through the order process. Delivery people will have the addresses and directions printed at their station and the customer’s phone number will be saved with their previous orders to alert the order entry employee when the customer calls through caller ID.

Restaurant Table Service POS
Restaurant Manager has a special POS system for sit down restaurants with countless features to help make communication and order management more efficient. Your Table Service POS software will be customized for your specific restaurant. Employees will be able to accept orders and payments with a write-on handheld while managers are utilizing powerful real-time back office sales and expense figures.