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Restaurant Manager

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Restaurant Manager provides a complete POS system that is fully customizable for use in any type of food establishment, from a pizza delivery chain to a four-star fine dining restaurant.

The turnkey system is easily expandable as your business grows. Restaurant Manager supplies everything businesses need to increase profits and maximize efficiency. Restaurant Manager offers fully integrated modules that are able to be activated when your business requires them including; online ordering, inventory control and wireless handheld POS devices.

Restaurant Manager Touchscreen POS
Restaurant Manager handles fast paced restaurant environments with ease by boosting efficiency with critical operations such as; servers sending special instructions to the bar or kitchen, splitting checks or selling gift cards, Restaurant Manager’s interface makes certain employees do it correctly.

– Add/edit menu items quickly

– Highlight changes and automate alerts to staff

– Quickly and easily create and implement coupons

Restaurant Manager Monitoring and Reporting
– Owners and managers are able to receive reports and alerts directly on their smart phone, including;

– In-depth access to real-time labor statistics and sales

– Fraud alerts on excessive voids and comps

– Payroll alerts when employees approach overtime

– VIP alerts when customer spending exceeds set amount or a person of note enters the establishment

Write-On Handheld
Write-On handhelds and the app for the iPod touch both integrate seamlessly with the Restaurant Manager POS system and allow for tableside ordering and payment processing.

– Forced prompts and modifiers help increase the average check

– Easy to use interface requires almost no training

– Tableside payment processing helps to reduce potential fraud and speeds up service

Online Ordering
Restaurants easily increase their sales when they accommodate their customer’s busy lifestyles by offering online ordering.

– Add a new revenue stream without extra labor costs

– Adding easy ways for customers to make purchases

– Improving repeat business with rewards and loyalty points

Restaurant Manager provides a cutting edge POS solution for any type of restaurant establishment.

Table Service
– Easily transfer tabs from the bar to the dining room along with hassle free check splitting capabilities

– Reduced risk of credit card fraud when using mobile payment processing

– Order accuracy improved to minimize voids and speed table turn

Bar/ Nightclub
– Quick credit card swipes and pre-authorizations

– Additional round orders at the touch of a single button

– Monitor essential POS stations with video tracking and the ability to view the POS screen and the CCTV video feed at the same time to verify POS station key strokes and employee actions

Pizza Restaurants
– Easy to use on-screen ordering that assists the most complex pizza combinations and special orders

– Fully integrated online ordering and ordering done in advance, will send orders to the food prep area at the correct time

– Order tracking and delivery management including order to delivery timer and driver directions

Quick Service
– Automatic prompts for employees to up-sell side orders and drinks

– Increase order speed with large, easy to use and quickly customizable buttons

– Real-time reporting connects inventory control and sales information