POS Barn

Restaurant Manager Support

Remote Software Support and Local Hardware Support
POS Barn provides different levels of support depending on your individual business. Support ranges from normal business hour support to 24/7/365 support. Businesses that want to pay the minimal amount will be charged for support issues that are above and beyond the contract. Restaurants that want to maintain a consistent monthly software support cost no matter what type of software support they require are able to opt for the premium software support package. All updates and software issues are completely done remotely and require no assistance from any; employees, managers or owners at the establishment.

Hardware issues are handled by a local contractor. Managers will not need to learn how to install a new printer during the lunch time rush. A local technician will replace the printer without the need for assistance from any employees. The merchant will be invoiced for the hardware replacement if not under warranty.

Additional Included Benefits:
– Off-site data backup

– Real-time server monitoring to prevent problems before they happen

– Managed anti-virus protection

– Restaurant Manager Monitor (access reports in real-time from anywhere in the world, including on your smart phone, other mobile device or from your computer)

– Annual software updates performed remotely by our technicians as well as a Windows security checkup

– Software is always in compliance with tax laws, labor laws and/or changing credit card security requirements (PCI DSS)

РLatest and greatest features for maximum profitability and efficiency to help you run your business as efficiently as possible…especially important in tough economic times

– Monthly billing spreads costs out in a consistent way that is easier to budget and analyze

– Discounted rates for on-site service

– Predictable maintenance costs