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POS Systems

Restaurant POS

POS Barn’s complete POS systems and Restaurant Manager software are able to be integrated in order to customize the complete system to your individual restaurant.


Faster service and more accurate billing prevent theft, waste and unhappy customers. Easily open and close tabs in addition to transferring tabs from the bar to the dining room and much more.

Nightclub POS

With several bar stations and sections, management becomes a task. Restaurant Manager nightclub software along with the live video monitoring allows for easier management of nightclubs.

Liquor Store POS

Liquor, beer and wine management is a very important part of any restaurant, bar or liquor store. It is also very difficult to manage. With dozens of places where product can be stored, an inventory control and stock counter feature in Restaurant Manager software is essential since manual inventorying is very time consuming.

Quick Service Fast Food POS

Fast food ordering must be completed quickly to ensure success. POS Barn’s quick service software is easy to learn and operate. Allowing employees to take orders from various stations and send them to the correct food preparation stations. Orders will be quickly fulfilled while management can easily review sales and expenses.

Delivery POS

Using a Restaurant POS system while operating a delivery business is not only going to help you run and grow your business effectively but POS Barn has a management system that is designed for delivery and carry-out restaurants allowing for easy order entry, preparation and delivery.

Retail POS

Retail solutions are available in a number of setups for businesses of all sizes. Customized retail POS systems include features such as; cash drawers, inventory control, customer loyalty, gift cards, in-house accounts, work orders and employee time tracking.

Table Service POS

Restuarants are able to provide their servers with handheld devices for tableside ordering as well as giving their managers hands on back office tracking and analysis of sales, expenses and more. Easily integrated into other POS Barn equipment, the options are endless.

A POS system is the point at which a customer makes a payment for goods and/or services. The POS system calculates the items or services purchased while adding any additional fees or costs. Finally it provides the customer with options for making payment. The POS system will then issue a receipt detailing the transaction. A POS system is able to perform nearly any task the business requires to be done.

The industry has become more and more intricate with POS systems allowing merchants to open tabs, scan items, access the POS system remotely, process payments and even more. A POS system is specially designed for the industry it is being used in. The requirements of a POS System for a restaurant may be similar to the requirements of a bar, but much different from a retail system. The POS company will determine exactly what type of equipment and software is going to be required for the merchant’s business. Some merchants have specific requests since their business has a unique business model.

There are a number of POS system manufacturers and even more POS system resellers selling POS systems. When purchasing a POS system it is important to know that you are purchasing more than just the POS system but also the support. There is no use in purchasing a system and saving a little money and having to setup the complete system yourself from beginning to end without any support. Merchants that purchase a POS system from POSBarn.com will not have to worry about that. Our team will custom design your POS system. You will have the choice to pay in full or to finance your system. We will fly out to your location and setup your system while training your staff in the operation of all aspects of your new investment. Contact our office today and find out how you can become more profitable tomorrow.