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Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Manager provides a complete POS solution that is easily customizable to any type of food service establishment.Managers are able to quickly add or edit items. Status reports are easy to generate and send, track daily specials and integrate the system with inventory control and gift cards. POS Barn supports credit card processing and POS systems in house, making merchant support a snap.

Write On Handheld

Mobilize your servers, maximize efficiency, eliminate POS stations and save money with the Write-On Handheld POS system. Allow servers to accept orders and process payments from tableside or outside the store and observe the increase in your bottom line. Management will gain more control by setting automated alerts and receiving real-time reports directly on their handheld.

Mobility Solutions

Restaurants using a Restaurant Manager POS system will be able to enlist a number of mobile solutions for employees, managers and owners. Servers will be able to utilize a Write-On Handheld device for order taking while managers will be able to receive real-time alerts and reports on their handheld when onsite and owners will be able to receive reports and alerts on their smart phone almost anywhere.

RM Monitor

The Restaurant Manager Monitor will provide owners and managers with total visibility of their establishment while they are either onsite or offsite. Hundreds of reports are available to managers and owners including; current day sales reports, customer checks, labor as a percent of sales ratio and average spend. Control costs with customizable real-time alerts such as large deletions, voids or employees approaching overtime. Reports are delivered to your smart phone in readable PDF format.

Online Ordering

Restaurant Manager’s fully integrated Online Ordering module will be able to increase revenue and profits without increasing costs or staff. Build your customer base 24/7 effortlessly by accepting orders, saving customers information on file for future marketing all while using no employees. Online orders are generally 15-20% higher and errors are eliminated when the customer is placing the order.

Pay At The Table

Mobile payment processing is ideal for all types of establishments including; restaurants, stadiums, cocktail bars and hospitality businesses where payments are currently processed at a location far from the customer. Accepting mobile payments will speed up table turn, decrease customer wait time, reduce fraud and give customers peace of mind that their card details are safe.

Back Office Reporting

This key module provides everything required to manage your establishment by providing easy access to labor statistics and sales in over 50 report formats. A Customer Database and Time and Attendance are included in the basic package. Managers and owners will have their choice of a wide array of applications for tracking, managing and analyzing their business – from the restaurant or through a mobile device.

Restaurant Manager Support

POS Barn offers several different support packages for merchants using Restaurant Manager depending on how in depth of support the merchant requires. Packages are available with normal business hour support or 24/7/365 support. Support packages include off-site data backup, real-time server monitoring and annual software updates performed remotely by our technicians. Hardware support is handled through a local contractor.

Additional Modules

Restaurant Manager is a completely customizable POS system. Every business will be able to activate any of the already integrated additional modules depending on their individual business. Since every business model is slightly different, merchants only pay for what they need and if they expand, activating new modules is quick and easy.

Complete Product Listing

Restaurant Manager’s POS systems provide a complete solution to restaurants of all types and sizes. Running, managing and expanding your business has never been easier with Restaurant Manager’s complete offering of already fully integrated modules allowing your company to choose what they will require in order to operate efficiently.

US Foods Customers

US Foods Customers

Restaurant Manager has been recommended by US Foods as the ideal POS solution for independent restaurants and regional chains. US Foods members will receive a discount on their POS system as well as having it fully integrated with US Foods’ Profit Builder Pro software.