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Using the Write-On Handheld or iPod Touch for Payment Processing
Mobile POS processing is optimal for all types of businesses where the customer’s cards are processed at a location far from the customer. These would include; stadiums, bars, hospitality businesses and full service restaurants.

Customers like keeping their card in sight while it is being processed and the servers and the restaurant will like having their tables freed up faster. Customers will never leave their cards behind since the cards never leave the table.

All types of handheld devices are able to be used, including Apple’s iPod Touch and the Write-On handheld. Just fit the mag stripe reader to the device and load the Write-On handheld app to easily input orders and process payments tableside.

Big Benefits at Minimal Cost
In addition to setting yourself apart from other restaurants there are a few benefits that pay at the table will offer to your customers.

Pay at the table will reduce fraud since the customer keeps their card in sight at all times. There is no chance of your servers walking away and skimming your customer’s cards. This protects your customers and your business from any type of fine.

Your customers will receive better service with pay at the table. Customers will never have to wait for their check to be printed and settled. Business customers especially, will find pay at the table very convenient by getting them on their way faster.

Increased table turns are another benefit found with pay at the table. Servers are able to print customer checks and accept payment right at the table. Shaving minutes off the time it takes to close out a table. No more waiting in line at the POS station. The table will available to the next customer more quickly.

Pay at the table assists by reducing costs and hassles. There is no need for pre-authorizations or closing adjustments anymore. There will not be any additional transaction fees since there is only one transaction for the ticket amount and the tip unlike having separate transactions for each.

Your business will be running at high efficiency when you eliminate the need for servers to wait in line at POS stations to perform all types of transactions. Delayed order entry and table close outs are all part of the past.

Why is Pay-at-the-Table Important?
Identity theft and credit card fraud are normal occurrences in the news today. Consumers today are aware of this and expect the businesses they frequent to protect them. What better way to protect your customers from credit card fraud then to process their card directly in front of them.

For example, your server brings a check to the table and takes the credit card and walks to the POS station out of the customer’s sight. There is no way to guarantee that your server is not compromising the customer’s credit card information. PCI compliance violations are very expensive to the business they are connected with. Even a regional chain will be severely damaged financially.