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Online Ordering

Expanding Your Business and Reaching More Customers
Interested in adding a new revenue stream to your business without spending much? Restaurant Manager’s fully integrated Online Ordering creates new revenue streams by providing your customers with an easy and convenient way to place and pay for orders while also decreasing labor costs.

Restaurants everywhere are using Online Ordering to:
*Increase averages ticket sale amounts by 25% to 30%

*Help reach the 78% of US households that purchase at least one carryout or to-go order per month

*Reduce labor costs associated with handling phone orders

The fully integrated Online Ordering solution will allow for menu management from one place, eliminating third party providers and connects all of your reporting and management together through Restaurant Manager.

Real Solutions to Real Business Problems
Restaurant Manager allows restaurants to maximize the potential of their business by minimizing costs, maximizing profits and generating new business in places where most owners fail to look.

How Online Ordering Assists
* Increase average sales ticket by upwards of 25% to 30%.

* Increase the number of customer purchases while combining them with; coupons, promotions, loyalty rewards and email initiatives. Online orders also decrease costs by reducing phone order errors and freeing employees for other valuable activities. Managers spend less time editing menus on/offline all from one place while also having your reporting tied together.

Functionality and Simplicity for Employees and Customers
Compete toe to toe with large chains that are providing their customers with the ability to order online. The Online Ordering module will provide you with a solution to; integrate, manage and run a powerful web based ordering sales channel.

Menu Management: Easily updates your menus, both online and offline, all within your POS, all from one place. Other POS solutions will require you to make the changes in several different interfaces. This will save time from having to learn different interfaces. In addition you will be able to; set pricing or specials to automatically change depending on the time of day, useful with lunch and dinner menu pricing.

Advance Ordering: Gives you customers the ability to order 24 hours a day. Customers are able to place lunch orders for tomorrow or for next week and the POS will automatically send the order to the kitchen at the right time. Online Ordering is able to be set to whether you are accepting orders or not and will accept several payment methods.

Robust and Integrated Reporting: Online Ordering, being a full integrated part of Restaurant Manager, will link all of your operational reporting. The merchant is able to set Online Ordering as a separate revenue center and report all activity from that one location to help check the effectiveness of their advertising.

Speed to Market: Restaurant Manager will assist with the entire set-up, configuration and launch process. Getting up and running is easy and a number of marketing services are available to bring customers to your website. If you are using Restaurant Manager as your POS system there is no new software and very little training that is required.

Order Notification: In addition to online orders being sent through your Restaurant Manager POS solution, notifications are able to be sent to; fax, email and cell phones by text message to make sure orders are processed. Managers are able to use the additional notifications to monitor ordering volume.

Leverage Other Restaurant Manager Capabilities: Online Ordering will capture email addresses for your database and future email campaigns. Online Ordering along with Promotion and Couponing features will integrate with the Loyalty and Email Club modules to perform targeted marketing with special offers all from one solution. These add-ons increase customer loyalty, order frequency and total sales.