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Nightclub POS Systems

Nightclubs are very busy places and in the commotion it is normal for drinks to be poured unaccounted for as well as theft and waste. Traditional systems of keeping tabs open on paper are not only illegal but very time consuming. Night clubs that install POS systems are able to save not only their employees’ time that used to be taken up by running paper tabs but will also save the nightclub money by being able to eliminate additional jobs that are not required because everything is being done electronically. Bartenders will spend more time pouring drinks instead of adding up tabs.

Theft is an ever increasing threat for nightclubs. When using a nightclub POS System, managers are able to review all operations being performed by their employees from their manager’s office. The video overlay system will make it possible for managers to have a CCTV view of the different bars as well as having a simultaneous view of the keystrokes being performed on the nightclub POS station. Managers are able to confirm that the drinks being accounted for are actually the drinks being poured. Nightclubs are able to eliminate theft immediately without having to perform any type of guess work. Repeated voids and other suspicious transactions will also be sent as alerts to the manager by email or text.

A nightclub POS System is able to perform a number of additional tasks such as; quickly opening tabs, card pre-authorizations, easy round re-ordering and quick check splitting. A nightclub POS System will assist the business with inventory control and easy reordering. This is a great way to reduce waste. The nightclub POS System will define ingredients and amounts if so set. New recipes and drinks are able to be added to the nightclub POS System in order to better record and review the ingredients which allows for better stock and inventory counts.

Back Office Control and Fast Customer Service
Nightclubs are fast moving businesses. They require a POS system that allows them to quickly bill customers while also avoiding theft and waste. Restaurant Manager’s Bar Tab software will easily integrate with Restaurant Manager’s table service and/or carry-out software if needed. Restaurant Manager will help improve efficiencies, increase revenues while decreasing costs. Endless features designed for your nightclub make Restaurant Manager the best choice. For example; instantly look up drink recipes, set security controls and easily find, open and close bar tabs using several different filters.

Solutions to Real Nightclub Problems
Restaurant Manager was created in order to solve actual nightclub problems. Restaurant Manager sets up nightclubs with a functional POS system that allows merchants to activate already integrated optional modules depending fully on the type of business you are operating.

How Bar Tabs Assists
Increased profits through Restaurant Manager video overlay tracking will make sure every drink is paid for and one touch round reordering, quickly accounts drink orders.

Restaurant Manager’s optional Inventory Control Module helps track bar items such as beer bottles while reducing theft and waste.

Real-time alerts allow you to maximize personal service by setting customizable alerts such as; being aware of a big spender in your establishment in order to provide them with more personalized service or move them to a VIP area.

Proven Solutions for Nightclubs
Your nightclub will run smoothly when using Restaurant Manager. Tabs are opened quickly when the bartender just swipes the card. The customer’s name will show on the order button and the account number on the settlement screen. Instant pre-authorizations are available to verify funds when the tab is opened.

Your nightclub’s billing will be extremely accurate with drink minimums and cover charges. The Restaurant Manager Video Tracking system will verify accuracy by allowing managers to monitor main POS stations.

Bar tabs are able to be sent to the dining room and the transfer of all open orders to another server. Bartenders are able to add new drinks to their menu when having the proper password. Special orders will now be 100% accurate. Restaurant Manager’s optional Inventory Control module will help you track counter stock to track bar ingredients while reducing theft and waste

Additional Options for Nightclub Businesses to help Increase sales and profits by choosing to activate these already integrated options with your POS system:

-Customer Loyalty
-Inventory Control & Stock Counters
-Promotions & Coupons
-Gift Cards
-Integrated Online Ordering
-Write-On Handheld
-Mobility Solutions
-Credit Card Tabs
-Liquor Control Devices
-Video Tracking
-Web Services