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NCR Silver POS

Track Sales – Market to Customers – Sell Anywhere

NCR Silver is a completely portable point-of-sale system allowing merchants to use their iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to process sales and track inventory. NCR Silver includes a customer database to store email addresses and allows for tracking of what is purchased and sent to the customer along with the ability to send marketing messages.

Track Sales
NCR Silver is an in-depth solution for managing your back-office and tracking sales. You have access to real-time data in order to make informed business decisions while expanding your small business.

Market to Customers
Marketing has never been easier until NCR Silver. Fully integrated marketing tools make marketing a snap. Merchants just need to acquire the customer’s email address and NCR Silver will take care of the rest.

Sell Anywhere
Accept orders and payments wherever your business takes you. NCR Silver is completely portable and is similar to carrying a complete point-of-sale system with you when you travel.

Operating Your Business Easily and Quickly
Easily download the app and work face to face with your customers from anywhere. Place orders for your customers, add their emails to your customer database, and have them opt-in to your email list to receive future specials and promotions. Use your mobile device to sell your products or services from anywhere including; trade shows, conferences, conventions or the sidewalk in front of your store. Merchants are able to review sales and reporting from anywhere, including their home at anytime allowing for merchants to spend more time at home.

    What is Required?
    * iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch (also use multiple devices together)

    * Wi-Fi internet access or a strong cell signal

    * Secure wireless access specifically for your company

    * Two electrical plugs (when using a printer)

    * The latest version of your web browser