POS Barn

POS Mobility Solutions

Restaurants installing a POS system from POS Barn with Restaurant Manager software will be able to utilize some new state of the art mobility solutions. The mobility solutions operate on a number of smart phones and handheld computers, including; iPhone, iPod Touch and Blackberry. Merchants will also be able to access all features with a computer and web browser.

RM Monitor
Download this app onto your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, smart phone or use your computer to monitor your business at anytime, from anywhere by accessing real-time alerts, reports, sales data and more. This powerful tool will give owners and managers control from anywhere in order to make informed business decisions.

Alerts & Email Reports
Managers and owners will both be able to receive alerts and reports in their inbox and on their cell phone. Managers are able to set the conditions that trigger the automatic alerts. Some of the completely configurable alerts and reports include; employees at overtime, sales, excessive voids, deletions, VIP customers, sales to labor ratios and more.

Servers using an iPod Touch or a Write-on Handheld will be able to easily swipe cards in front of the customer. The card will never be out of the customer’s sight. This speeds up table turns and decreases the amount of time that servers spend at the POS station or waiting in line at the POS station.

Write-On Handheld
Servers using the Write-On Handheld or an iPod Touch are able to easily take orders and process payments tableside. This reduces the number of POS stations that a restaurant requires therefore decreasing costs both initially and ongoing. Servers will no longer have to wait in line to key in orders, as they take the order at the table it will be printed in the food prep area or at the bar. Managers will also be able to use the Write-On Handheld to perform protected operations such as early clock-ins and voids. Managers will have full access to real-time reports and receive automated alerts on their Write-On Handheld while on site.