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Efficient Inventory and Stock POS Solutions
Inventory is crucial to every business however in fast moving businesses such as bars and restaurants it is even more important. These businesses are rampant with theft and waste. A restaurant that integrates inventory and stock control with their POS system will see a sudden increase in profits. The Inventory Control module that is integrated with all Restaurant Manager systems is able to be optionally activated for restaurants interested in managing their inventory and stock counters.

The Inventory Control module gives the manager access to accurate inventory information, keeping them more informed. The module includes an easy to configure Stock Counter mode that offers most of the benefits of the full Inventory Control system without all of the setup work. If you choose to integrate the full Inventory Control module for the best in detailed inventory analysis or just the Stock Counter, you will realize on-demand, real-time reporting to improve your bottom line.

Solutions to Real Liquor and Wine Stock Control Problems

Restaurant Manager helps to solve problems faced by managing liquor and wine inventory easily by being integrated all within one POS system.

How Inventory Control Assists
Stop theft and increase profits through reporting available instantly from the POS specifying exact quantities sold compared to stock counts. Add Video Tracking and completely review all POS transactions.

Reduce careless loss on bar items by defining specific ingredients and portions for cocktails and hold employees accountable for variations.

Check inventory instantly against sales with on-demand, real-time reports including items added to unsettled orders allow the manager to check variances.

Manage inventory and improve efficiencies by creating recipes that connect inventory and stock items to menu items and track use by customer count or by day.

Proven Solutions for Managing Inventory and Stock
The Inventory Control module allows easy programming of recipes and menu items and once activated the system will manage stock levels based on the recipes from the POS to keep an accurate count of the stock levels. Managers are able to track depletions by customer count or by day.
When the manager identifies minimum stock levels, the POS will automatically generate “shopping lists” to assist with the restocking of your establishment. The lists are able to be defined in a number of ways including grouping items by vendor and price history, making restocking an easy task.

The Inventory Control and Stock Counter provide a number of reports in order for your business to successfully manage your inventory. One of the most useful reports will assist you in managing your menu to maximize revenue. The report will analyze menu items with high margins that should be promoted more and menu items with low margins that should have their recipes adjusted and/or the price recalculated. The system will suggest the selling price of products based of the cost of the recipe, allowing the manager to identify the amount of margin needed on any product.