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Hospitality POS SYSTEM

A hospitality POS system will help your business in becoming as profitable as possible. Restaurant owners will be able to operate all business accounting functions directly from the hospitality POS system. The POS system will be custom tailored for your establishment; features that are required will be activated while others that are not required will not. Pay only for what you need.

Hospitality businesses will be able to perform a number of tasks from their hospitality POS system in addition to inputting customer orders and processing payments. Hospitality POS systems will; handle table management and reservations, table service ordering, bar business, night club business, delivery and carry out business, quick service business, inventory control and stock counters, bar tabs, real-time manager alerts, customer loyalty and gift cards, central management and reporting, full back office support, online ordering, restaurant monitor which will assist managers by being notified of any preset alerts they set along with the ability to use wireless handheld devices inside the establishment. There are truly no limits.

A hospitality POS system from POSBarn.com will be an investment that will pay itself back within a few short months, no matter how large or small your business is. Imagine how much you will save if your new POS System does nothing more than help you identity and fire one employee that has been stealing?

POSBarn.com will help your business design a hospitality POS system specifically for your business. We do not send you a box with instructions and hope you are able to set it up. Our trained staff will fly to your location, setup your system and train you, your managers and your staff over a three day period. If you ever want to add additional equipment you can purchase this directly from us since we will be performing the support and off site software upgrades.

POS Barn offers specialized hospitality POS systems depending on the requirements of your individual business. Hospitality POS systems will increase sales, improve service, improve efficiency and reduce expense costs.

POS Barn Hospitality Systems Include:
* Complete hostess features (reservations, guest paging and waiting list)

* Customer management (gift cards and customer loyalty)

* Easy check splitting

* Delivery and carryout (caller ID, delivery directions and online ordering)

* Touch screen operation

* Visual floor plan management

* Mobile write-on handhelds (tableside ordering and payment processing)

* Quick editing of menus and recipes (automatically updates your online menu)

* Labor scheduling, reporting and alerts when employees near overtime

* Integrated payment processing

Check POS Barn’s restaurant POS systems to get a glimpse of what we offer. Contact POS Barn to receive a detailed quote on a restaurant POS system.