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Grocery POS Systems

A grocery POS system will assist your business in achieving its full potential. Your company will run more efficient than ever whether you are operating a deli or a large supermarket, the grocery POS system will track inventory and sales to make reordering an easy process. The full reporting will help grocery merchants acknowledge the products that are selling and the products that are not selling. Employee time sheets and scheduling are also done with the grocery POS system. This ensures that grocery managers will have real-time access to reports pertaining to all parts of the business.

The grocery POS system is comprised of a few key features; inventory management, purchase order generation, scale integration and employee logins. Inventory is controlled with the grocery POS system. Receive alerts when your inventory is running low and up to date on what is selling and what is not selling. The grocery POS system will allow you generate and manage purchase orders. All of your scales will be integrated with the POS system. This will allow all pieces of equipment to communicate seamlessly. Employees will easily to be able to login from any grocery POS station. Mangers will be able to track employee hours and productivity by each employee’s unique login ID.

POSBarn.com will configure all hardware and software including the; scanners, scales, stations, label printers etc. The grocery POS system will operate at the highest level of security. Your grocery store will see a high return on investment within a couple short months. Your back office costs will be dramatically reduced with a grocery POS system. Most merchants pay off their POS system within the first 3-4 months with their savings. Contact our team today and speak with one of our trained account executives to go over your company’s individual needs.

Grocery stores require a multifaceted POS system in order to fit every type of retailer. POS Barn’s grocery POS system allows for all parts of your business to be connected such as, the store(s), warehouse and the head quarter systems. Managers will be able to make informed decisions with real-time reporting.

POS Barn’s grocery software is highly configurable and the touch screen is easy to learn and use requiring minimal training. Businesses will have their day to day operations simplified to improve customer service and increase sales margins. Merchants will have several optional tools available to them including; scanner scales, pin debit processing, EBT processing and WIC processing. A handheld inventory scanner will speed up receiving in the backroom and price checking on the floor.

Grocery POS provides all required features and functionality necessary to run a grocery store. Inventory tracking and inventory reporting is advanced to identify fast moving items and stock levels are able to be set for each item to guarantee proper inventory levels are sustained to eliminate over-stocking or under-stocking of a particular item. Loyalty programs are easily setup for frequent customers and real-time data is able to be compared from different store locations.

POS Barn incorporates all of the features of a normal retail store POS system with; inventory control, purchase orders, reports, internet credit card processing and more. Contact POS Barn by filling out the inquiry box and let one of our trained POS experts explain how a grocery POS system will increase your sales and decrease your expenses.