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Gift Card POS System

Have Your Gift Cards Work For You

Creating and maintaining customer accounts has never been easier with the Restaurant Manager Gift Cards and Accounts module. The module will keep track of sales and the redemption of gift cards and certificates.

Gift Cards
Selling gift cards is a great way to increase sales and name recognition. Gift card recipients usually spend more than the face value of the gift card. Merchants are able to be creative with their gift card programs by donating a set amount per card to a local school or charity. Gift card redemption rates can also be as low as 81%, generating additional income for your establishment.

Gift Card Features Include:
* User-defined gift cards and certificates

* Several gift certificates/cards types and templates

* Simple swipe or two touch sales process

* Quickly recall details on any customer account

* Automatic, real-time tracking with reporting

* Fully integrated with Restaurant Manager’s Customer Loyalty Program