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Speed and Reliability

Fast food quick service businesses require a POS system that is effective and easy to use. When your quick service business has 10 people in line, 5 people waiting for their orders, 4 cars in line at the drive thru, new deliveries coming in the door, on 2 for 1 Tuesday and new trainees working the counter you will be glad your Restaurant Manger Quick Service software is operating in the background.

Real Solutions for Real Problems

Restaurant Manager solves critical business problems with proven solutions that are fully integrated with your POS system. Common problems below are easily solved with the Restaurant Manager Quick Service software.

How Quick Service Assists

Increase the average customer check with onscreen prompts reminding cashiers to up sell side orders and drinks.
Generate more repeat business through aggressive promotion and coupon capabilities that allow for nearly endless options. Fast processing of coupons and offers with integrated loyalty capabilities keep customers returning.
Fast, reliable service with large screen buttons, order tracking with combo meal grouping, easy special order handling help maintain short customer wait times.
Reach more customers with fully integrated online ordering that provides customers the convenience they want while managing your entire menu from one place.
Minimize customer wait time by easily differentiating between order time and ready time on order slips to speed up kitchen operations.

Quick Service POS Solutions

POS systems are only as good as the software and features that are integrated on them. A generic “restaurant” POS system being used at 5 star restaurants is not the right choice for a fast food quick service restaurant that sells combination meals for $4.99 and offers half price drinks for drive thru orders on Mondays.These businesses require specialty POS hardware and software setup. Restaurant Manager allows for better communication and order management that decreases customer wait time. A powerful back office will assist the business by reducing labor costs, providing quick tracking and analysis of business activities to allow the manager to make fast, informed decisions.

High employee turnover plagues quick service businesses and is only able to be assisted by providing employees with a simple, easy to use POS system. Restaurant Manager is very cashier friendly requiring little training to operate. Information and orders are sent instantly, accurately and legibly to the food prep staff through the conversational interface.

The manager will be at ease with the back office options offered by the Restaurant Manager Quick Service POS. Managers will have access to the total menu, reporting and labor control in a format that will guarantee that your management decisions are done efficiently and accurately in at timely fashion.

Additional Options for Quick Service Businesses

Increase sales and profits by choosing to activate these already integrated options with your POS system:

-Customer Loyalty
-Inventory Control & Stock Counters
-Promotions & Coupons
-Gift Cards
-Integrated Online Ordering
-Coin Dispensers
-Kitchen Display Monitors
-Order Confirmation Display
– Web Services
-Write on Handheld Terminals