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Delivery POS Systems

Fast Customer Service and Efficient POS Solutions
Restaurant Manager’s DeliveryService was designed for home and office delivery businesses as well as carry-out businesses. Even though DeliveryService is able to integrate with other Restaurant Manager software such as Table Service for sit down restaurants, it was created for the delivery business. DeliveryService provides services not available on normal generic POS systems from caller ID and last order recall to fully integrated online ordering, driving directions and money drops.

Solutions to Real Delivery and Carry-Out Problems
Restaurant Manager helps to solve problems faced by every delivery and carry-out business easily by being integrated all within one POS system.

How Delivery Service Assists
Reach more customers with Restaurant Manager’s integrated database that includes email club and online ordering giving you marketing tools to generate more sales.
Increase speed and efficiency by offering such products as Caller ID, last order recall, order history and more allow you to fill out the order easily and quickly. Improve repeat business with Restaurant Manager’s integrated rewards and loyalty programs to help provide customers with valuable rewards while building a repeat customer base.

Proven Solutions for Delivery and Carry-Out Businesses
POS screens will be customized and tailored to fit every part of your delivery and carry-out business. No matter whether employees are working; the phones, the counter, preparing orders or expediting delivery they will be using a POS screen to place and track orders. Orders will be labeled with the customer’s name and phone number at the call station, labeled with the elapsed time at the expediter station and labeled with an address and map code at the driver station. Orders are able to be filtered by driver, processing stages or station where the order is currently at to allow for easy recall and editing. The alarm feature will alert employees when an order has not been prepared and/or left the business within a specific amount of time.

If you are operating a pizza delivery business, Restaurant Manager will greatly assist you with its unique approach to inputting customer’s orders. No matter how they place their order; split pies (or changing their minds), crust, size, toppings, specialty or combo deals, it is all on one interactive screen.
Online ordering which is fully integrated with the Restaurant Manager will allow advance ordering capabilities. Allowing your business to accept orders in the morning for dinner delivery or two months later, the system will store the order and automatically send the order to the food prep area for a guaranteed on time delivery.
The integrated customer database will allow your business to track all of your customers with details on them from; driving directions, birthdays and email addresses. Easily recall their last order and include them in a special for frequent buyers or print labels for a special mailing to customers who have not been back in over three months.

Additional Options for Delivery and Carry-Out Businesses
Increase sales and profits by choosing to activate these already integrated options with your POS system:
-Integrated Online Ordering
-Advance Orders
-Called ID
-Customer Loyalty
-Inventory Control & Stock Counters
-Kitchen Display Monitors
-Email Club
-Promotions & Coupons
-Accounting Interface