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Bar POS Systems

A bar POS system is essential in any bar environment. You and your staff will save time while preventing theft and waste. Bar merchants that are still writing down orders and keeping track of tabs without a POS system are wasting precious minutes accounting drinks, orders and tabs. A bar POS system will seamlessly integrate with the other parts of your establishment including; a table service restaurant, a takeout division and a delivery service. A bar POS system will greatly increase your revenue and profits. Bar owners are also able to add additional features to get the most out of their system.

A bar POS system will help run all facets of your company. The system will help with; inventory control, reordering, accounting, employee time sheets, reporting both onsite and offsite to increase revenue and decrease costs. Your bartenders will be able to perform quick pre-authorizations, begin tabs and move tabs from one section of your bar to another section. Splitting checks and special ordering has never been easier. One touch round reorders will have your employees spending more time making drinks and less time accounting them.

Does your bar run special promotions or are you looking for ways of keeping your bar as busy as possible? Happy hour and specials are easier than ever to run. No coupons are required, and the times and days for the promotions are preset by the manager minimizing hassles during business hours. Instead of reducing theft and waste, why not eliminate it? The video overlay tracking option will ensure that every drink is accounted and paid for correctly. Video overlay is a CCTV option that records the bar and POS stations. It eliminates theft by giving the manager an ongoing screenshot of the POS station and its keystrokes while the manger is able to view what is actually being poured. Theft is eliminated right away.

Solutions to Real Bar Problems
Restaurant Manager’s Bar POS Systems target and simplify and solve day to day business problems. Restaurant Manager will provide your business with a fully functional POS system complete with optional modules depending on your individual business. Bartenders will be able to improve customer service by being able to easily run pre-authorizations, start tabs and transfer tabs from one section to another while quickly splitting checks or handling special orders.

Managers can also reduce costs by using automatic price scheduling for promotions such as happy hour, insuring that bartenders and servers are collecting the right amount. Your back office reporting will ensure that you have the right information to run a profitable bar.

Proven Solutions for Bars
Restaurant Manager keeps your bar operation running smoothly. With a quick swipe of the customer’s card, a bar tab has been opened and their name will show on the order button and the account number on the settlement screen. Instant pre-authorizations are also possible to avoid any issues when the tab is settled.

Accurate billing is done with automatic drink minimums and cover charges. Video integration is available with the Restaurant Manager Video Tracking system to help monitor key POS stations. Bartenders are able to add new drinks, look up drink recipes and transfer bar tables into the dining room from any POS station. Stock Counter optional Inventory Control module allows for your bar to better track bar ingredients and reduce theft and waste.

Customer Service with Enhanced Management Control
Bars are fast moving businesses that require POS systems that can service clients quickly while eliminating waste and theft. Ideal bar POS Systems will improve the speed of service and increase sales with better accuracy. The Restaurant Manager Bar Tab software is able to be integrated with your restaurant table service software or your carry-out software if required. Dozens of features make Restaurant Manager the perfect POS system for your bar.

Additional Options for Bar Businesses
Increase sales and profits by choosing to activate these already integrated options with your POS system:

– Customer Loyalty
– Inventory Control & Stock Counters
– Promotions & Coupons
– Gift Cards
– Integrated Online Ordering
– Write-On Handheld
– Mobility Solutions