POS Barn

Additional Modules

Additional modules and features are available that can be added to help increase sales and simplify marketing. Merchants can easily integrate many of these marketing, management and sales features into their businesses to help grow revenues.

Some of the features available to merchants are:

Gift Cards
Many merchants are able to boost revenue and increase sales by offering gift cards. The gift card system is a simple add on feature that increases customer return business.

Customer Loyalty Programs
Drive repeat business to your business with special promotions and customer rewards programs.

Easily set and manage reservations and waiting lists to maximize your table turn around.

Advertise special promotions, events, live entertainment and food specials with a calendar on your website.

Leave paper applications in the past and easily manage employment applications online. Let employees apply online and manage the hiring process through Restaurant Manager.

Email Club
The email club module improves your company’s ability to reach out to current customers and marketing to new customers. The email club module will allow customers to register their email addresses on your website or register in the restaurant. Merchants also have the ability to import mailing lists from other programs and input customer profiles into the new marketing templates. Tracking of customers is possible with the email club to help determine the most successful campaigns.

Third Party Solutions
Working with POS Barn, the merchant is able to customize their POS system to fit their individual needs.

Customer Display
A display will allow customers to view their order as it is being input. These features will help insure accuracy and improve sales.

Digital Signage
Improve the customer experience with the use of Digital Signage. Use in-store marketing to display new products, daily specials, store events and more.